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Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Ay Oriental Tea House - Lt Collins Street

I've heard that Ay Oriental Tea House was serving yum-cha. I wasn't convinced that it would be spectacular but yet I was curious. So Sunday, M & I went down to the Lt Collins Street one to check it out.

We were first seated customers there, while others in the shop, tasted and smelled teas.

The menu was more extensive than I expected, prices are okay, a little dearly than SHark Fine, Westlake and the likes. But when they came, they were served on fairly new bamboo steamers, well presented and tasty. The new bamboo steamers added to the fragrant of the dim sims.

Resisting the Love Tea, we ordered the Jasmin and Lycee tea instead. Got to say, I couldn't really taste the lycee in the tea.... oh well.

If you like yumcha but quietly, this is the place for it. Largest table can sit 6 people so you can bring the noise

No need to book as yet, they are not that busy, especially on Sundays. I suspect that they cater for the business lunchtime crowd.

23/03/07 Update: I have subsequently been to the South Yarra one and loLinkve it. Apparently the selection of dimsims there is more than the one in Lt Collins Street. So Check it out.

Ay Oriental Tea House
322 Lt Colins Street
Tel: 03 9654 8399

455 Chapel Street
South Yarra
Restaurant: 03 9826 0168
Retail: 03 9824 0128

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