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Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Choix Creperie Cafe

One of my favourite lunch places - how's french crepes for lunch?? Very luxurious and healthy!

The following info is taken from

A happening little laneway eatery is home to fabulous crepes - both savoury and sweet - and organic tea.

Choix's a frenetic little place of shared benches, crammed tables and a continual hubbub at lunch. They serve crepes of a pale tenderness wrapped around such combinations as tomato, basil and stringy fontina cheese or spinach, mushrooms and taleggio. These are fine assuming that the cheese has melted evenly through the crepe's filling. There is also cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and rocket; and a particularly good mix of stewed beans with sour cream.

Crepes for dessert are logical, whether served with lemon juice and sugar or stuffed with ricotta, banna and walnuts then sluiced with maple syrup.

To drink at Choix, there is organic tea, Grinders coffee and the usual Italian designer bottles - chinotto etc.

Choix Creperie Cafe
620 Collin Street
Melbourne(in a little lane near Boost Juice)

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