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Friday, 2 September 2005

Cha Chinese Restaurant

Catching up with an old friend is always wonderful... especially over dinner.

We decided to try a new Chinese restaurant by David's and AY Tea's owner... in Carlton - called Cha (Tea in Chinese). The restaurant's atmosphere is reminiscent of traditional teahouses in Asia, where the quality of the tea and the way that it is served is the main focus. We were not disappointed. I ordered a Pu-er tea, which is a brown tea that has a stronger bitter flavour. Recently, pu-er tea has been popular for its digestive aid properties and cleansing properties. I am not a big fan, but the pu-er that was served was fragrantly woody and soft.

The menu is simple.... nothing special... We ordered crab claw, chef's dimsum platter for two as entrees...and shrimp paste kang kong, salt and pepper prawns and hakka salted chicken... for mains. The food was well presented on white asymmetric plates, but the taste was conventional... nothing spectacular...

But I have to say, the interior design is beautiful... we were sitting near the entrance, next the row of candles in lotus flower holders against golden beaded curtains...the space was very elegant and very refined... I can just imagine sitting there on a rainy day with a large pot of exquisite tea and tea snacks.... chatting with friends or simply reading a book...

If not for the food, go for the atmosphere... you won't regret it

323 Rathdowne Street
Tel: 03 9347-3322

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