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Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Earl Grey Grand Classic

There is a Japanese tea merchant that I like to go to in South Yarra on Toorak Road called L'Epicier. It opened a smaller shop in the QV building, quite hidden away, behind 3 Degrees Bar on the second floor. The service is still the same and the variety is still there. This is more convenient for me but you can only have a cup of tea and their home made cakes at the South Yarra shop.

My favourite at the moment is the Earl Grey Grand Classic , it's a little bit more aromatic than an ordinary earl grey... but it is at the same time light and full in flavour. You have to try it to understand what I mean !

The store actually originates from Japan. I saw a very crowded one in Tokyo at a mall near a JR station.

20/03/2007 Update: The store is no longer called L'Epicier. It's beeen changed to L'Epicien.

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