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Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Secret Wonderland

Hmm.. I wasn't suppose to tell anyone but this bar/lounge/sushi bar/tapas bar is just beautiful! It feels like you've just stepped into the film set of James Bond! The sofas are lustrious creamy grey velvet, lots of marbles, warm wood furniture and creamy drapes. My favourite space in the L shape lounge is near the glided iron fireplace feature...eminating small strips of blue flame.

Because not a lot of people know about this lounge, it has been a very very comfortable hang-out... and we would like to keep it that way . So all I can tell you is that it is near my house.... Of course you might know this place already. In any case, if you are thirsty, call me and i will take you there! Oh yes, the drink list is extensive!

The Long Room:162-168 Collins St, Melbourne CBD / 9663 7226

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