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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Kappaya Japanese Soul Food

Source: Hradcanska's Flickr photostream

If not for the food, you need to visit the place for the vibe. This is what Japanese soul food is all about. Amongst the glitz, brands and gadgets, this is also the other side of Japan that I often crave. This rustic yet rich style is becoming more and more prominent now in Japan.. and it’s good to see that the younger generation is craving the “Simple Life”…

233 Johnston Street
(03) 9419 6350

For more info:
Matt Preston’s Epicure Review August 2007
More photos at Ponzu's Flickr Photostream


Fitzroyalty said...

Kappaya is one of my favourites! If you like that you'll also love Wood Spoon Kitchen on Smith St in Collingwood.

Kazmic said...

Fitzroyalty - Thanks for the tip! There is also Cibi as well -, which I have yet to check out.

Fitzroyalty said...

Cibi is excellent too - go on the weekend for the traditional Japanese breakfast!