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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I can’t believe it’s nearly 3 months since I blogged. Apologises, I have been travelling quite a bit since December. We went on our annual Hong Kong, Taipei and Shenzhen tour to see my family and play some golf at Mission Hill in Shenzhen. It’s always good but it’s always a struggle to not get sick. And this year was no different. On New Years Eve, the overeating took its toll……. Here are some photos from that trip.

Taipei Ximending where my relatives lives

Local inexpensive Japanese place with relatives

This place started out as a hawker stand which has now taken over 2 restaurant spaces. Something like this:

We went to the most north place in Taiwan

To see the Empress’ Head

It was freezing!

Then sat down for some local fresh seafood

We added a bit of art to the trip, visiting Ju Ming’s Museum

In the end, we actually had a lot of fun there

Then Ivy took us to a gorgeous beach house right on the beach for some supper before we headed back to Taipei

The next day on New Years eve, we went to a local Ximending sushi place with our grandparents

Then all you can eat Yakiniku and Hot Pot for dinner (my downfall)

It was the last time that 101 was going to host the New Years fireworks, so it was quite a significant event. Can you believe we got such a great spot for the Taipei 101 New Year Countdown celebrations! Hubby got to see MayDay live.

We had a fantastic supply of sangria, snacks and soft drink to last us the 3 hours to countdown. We were very popular with the people around us because we brought our own mat which was big enough to let other people sit as well. In the end, I think we had about 13 people on the mat.

“People Mountain People Sea”

One of the best countdowns I’ve seen

Who loves Taiwan – we do!

Mad traffic afterwards


Lee Ping (mrshbt) said...

Missed reading your articles. I had a great time reading this one.

Kazmic said...

Thank you Lee Ping! Much appreciated. How are you?

Lee Ping (mrshbt) said...

Been having headaches lately. Blogging helps... :)

p/s Have a great weekend.

Kazmic said...

Sad to hear that Lee Ping... Hope you're feeling better. Sometimes, people say it's due to dehydration. So drink lots of water! :)

lackadensicle said...

stumbled upon your blog while googling taiwanese food - i'm home sick! never heard of this japanese place, must go next time I'm back in Taipei!

Hungry Hamster said...

I've just recently came back from my eating trip in Taipei! I loved the place! We visited Taipei 101 and they showed the New Year Eve's fireworks video. It was amazing! Probably the nicest fireworks I've seen!!

Kazmic said...

Lackadensicle - Absolutely! Thanks for visiting!

Hungry Hamster - Wasn't Taipei fun?!?