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Monday, 17 September 2007

Cosy Dinner

Having a rare home-cook dinner with my husband is always a treasured time for me.

Last month, we bought some inexpensive wagyu steaks from Fuji Mart in Prahran and made a nice little dinner out of it... I made miso soup with lots of egg tofu and seaweed, and one of our favourite desserts - vanilla bean pannacotta (recipe from Maurizio Terzini's "Something Italian" with golden syrup and pistacchio persian floss.


Hungry Hamster said...

Looks great! I was wondering whether you happen to know which company the wagyu is from? (Eg, Blackmore or Sher) And around how much does it cost?

I want to try it out soon!
Hope you don't mind me linking your blog on my site.

cenmrk said...

I bought mine at prahran market - which i think is from Blackmore. It was ard $90 per kilo for the wagyu beef.

Kazmic said...

I saw that one of the stalls at Prahran Market has wagyu but I think it's Sher not Blackmore...

Hungry Hamster: It was really cheap :) two wagyu steaks - $15. Tasty but I believe it's grass-fed not grain fed because of its stronger taste so definitely not Blackmore... Not sure if it is Sher. The package didn't say... And of course I don't mind you linking my blog - great colours by the way - very striking.

I find that I prefer Blackmore wagyu...

You can get Blackmore wagyu from the following butchers:
Bouchier Butcher
551 Malvern Road
Toorak VIC 3142
03 9827 3629

Vic’s Premium Quality Meat
10 Merchant Street
Mascot NSW 2020
02 9317 6900


Hungry Hamster said...

Thanks for the info :)
I've tried Blackmore Wagyu before and want to try Sher to see if there is a noticeable difference in the quality.

Thanks again!

Kazmic said...

HH: That would be great if you could tell me the difference... I'm too scared to spend on Sher, not knowing where it comes from. If you have more info, please let me know.