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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

ANZAC Day Brief

My beautiful David Austin from my Balcony Garden.

Road to Mont Albert lined with autumn leaves.

Peninsula Hot Springs - 36C, 40C, 42C Public Hot Springs, Sauna and Plunge Bath. Lots of pampering treatments on offer as well.

Stillwater at Crittenden - Brilliant place for a lazy and sunny afternoon. Food was great and service attentive. Large garden attached to the vineyard for the kiddies to run around in.

We went to Hallah Korean Restaurant for dinner ANZ day. It has just opened, very reasonably priced. Not much on the menu, I guess they are still working out the menu. They can't sell beef because their friend has a Korean BBQ next door that does. LOL. They haven't got their own liquor license yet nor BYO license.

Peninsula Hot Springs
140 Springs Lane (formerly Devonport Drive)
03 5950 8777

Stillwater at Crittenden
25 Harrisons Road
(03) 5981 9555

Hallah Korean Restaurant
268 Victoria Street
North Melbourne
(03) 9329 4293

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