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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Our Local Japanese - Torimatsu

Noisy lunch cafe by day and All-You-Can Eat Yakiniku Japanese BBQ by night, Torimatsu is where my colleagues and I go to if we want comfort food, their delicious teriyaki salmon and piping hot agedashi tofu. Their teriyaki salmon is to-die-for! Dipped in home-made thick caramelly sweet teriyaki sauce, the salmon is juicy and chunky. There is so much sauce, that if you're lucky a large portion of the rice underneath would be covered in it.
Their set lunchs and bento boxes are wonderful and balanced, they seem to be able to make everything quite well... the tempura is crunchy, sushi is just right with the perfect amount of wasabi and the bbq chicken sucqulent.
Highly recommend a visit if you are in this area!
Torimatsu Japanese Restaurant
179 King Street
03 9670 9683
Food: Simple Japanese Lunch boxes, All You Can Eat Yakiniku Japanese BBQ by night.
Top Dish: Teriyaki Salmon Don
Atmosphere: Cafe
Service: Speedy service.
Booking: Recommended but not essential

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