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Monday, 30 April 2007


I am envious of people in Asia and Europe for many things accessible only to them, one of those things is.... Muji. Muji Rushi Ryohin, is a lifestyle store selling everyday objects of minimalist beauty. Their ever expanding products ranges from fold-up bicycles, wooden tables, coffe cups, pencils to socks and clothing.

"Muji originates in Japan and translates as “No Brand Quality Goods”. It was established in Japan in 1980 and the company’s basic principle is to develop new, simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues. At the end of February 2005 Muji had 285 stores in Japan, 144 of these being licensed stores. Its turnover in 2004 was 117,663 million Yen and it had over 3400 employees. In the early 1990’s Muji opened its first store in London and since then has expanded rapidly in the UK and throughout Western Europe." (Taken from Muji UK)

I think their kitchen range is just timeless. From the ever changing and expanding range, I have the 3-piece microwavable bento lunch box set with cover (pictured below) and two sets of light emerald blue ceramic bowls with tea cup and saucer.

Here are some of my other favourite things from Muji.

Wooden Soup Bowl

Glass Tea Pot & Cup for One

Ceramic Chopstick Holders

The UK range is available for purchase on Muji UK


cin said...

didn't know that's what it stood for, but I love their stuff too. nice clean basic items.

Kazmic said...

Hi Cin, I know huh. Definitely getting those wooden bowls when I go back to Hong Kong next time.