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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chicken Vegie Soup

Mucking Around Part II

I was craving for hainanese chicken rice... but I don't like the ones served in the restaurants because I actually don't like to eat chicken still on its bones and skin on. I bought a bottle of hainanese chicken rice mix just for this purpose. The mix is for adding to raw rice and water in a conventional rice cooker... It will give the rice a oily ginger and chicken flavour. I found the mixture a bit salt so I reduced the quantity to add in my rice...

You can get this and similar products from any good Asian groceries.

Following roughly the recipe on the back of the bottle, I used the pressure cooker to cook my Lilydale organic chicken breasts in.. It took less than 10 minute and the meat was falling about. I then soaked the chicken in cold boiled water.

I mixed 1 part sesame oil to 3 part sauce sauce together and added some cropped spring onion as the sauce to add to the chicken pieces. Experiment with the sauce to taste. Break up the cooled chicken into bite-size pieces... pour the sauce over and serve it with the rice I had it for lunch the next day.

Then what to do with the filtered chicken soup??

I cropped up one onion, two carrots, and two potatoes.

Soaked a few dried shitake mushrooms and put the soup and all the vegetables back into the pressure cooker to make a chicken and vegie soup... When it's boiled and the vegies are all soft. Add salt to taste...

My Impromptu Chicken and Vegetable Soup.. look at the chicken oil Yum!

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