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Friday, 23 February 2007

Three One Two

Fortunately for us, 312 was kind enough to rearrange some tables to accommodate our booking a few Thursdays back. There was just the four of us, Hoshika, Joobi, me and it was a nice light meal for Michael before he left for Singapore.

When we arrived at the unmarked restaurant, we were greeted and led upstairs to our table. All the tables were simply laid out with white linen, small ceramic candle display and in the centre a Tord Boontje deep plate, which we later found out was for our endless slices of bread.

312 on Drummond Street Carlton

The menus were printed on waxy brown paper with antique motives in the back. The 8 or 10 (can’t remember as none of us went for it) Degustation menu was printed on a separate piece of paper. None of us went for the Degustation, and by now, I can’t clearly remember everything that we ate. (Not much of a restaurant review – I know) However, I remember that we were given complimentary “cigars” made from a crispy paper-thin pastry filled on one end with cream cheese and on the other with olive paste. They were served to us in a Cuban cigar box. Nice touch.

Crisp Cigar Entree at 312

I remember having the oysters from Moonlight Flat Oysterage, which was divine. The oysters came with side dishes of pickled cucumber slivers and dressings. I remember wanting more than the 6 that came. Yum!! (My photo of the side dishes looks dodgy I know, looks like I've taken it with a spy camera. Well sort of.. I took the photo with my mobile phone's camera)

Side dishes at 312

I remember having the veal, which was light and flavoursome.

If you have nothing else at 312, you must have their dessert:
*Fresh white peach and champagne granite, raspberries and almond milk
*Fig caramelised pastry and chocolate ganache with Armagnac cream
*Yoghurt & cardamom cream with sylvan estate berries steeped in rose geranium syrup
*Chocolate jelly & fresh lychee with coffee oil and vanilla milk sorbet

Don’t they all sound divine?? They were. We ordered one of each and every one of them was absolutely out of this world. Maybe the one hat was for the dessert .

I bought my Tord Boontje Table Stories bowls in a design shop called Propeller in Hayes Valley, San Francisco last year and have since been looking for more of the Table Stories pieces. So I had to ask 312 staff where they got theirs. Apparently there is a few places you can get them. They got theirs from Dedece

Three One Two
312 Drummond Street, Carlton
Tel: 03 9347 3312

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