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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

A Fortnight in the Life of...

This is not a restaurant review, unfortunately I haven’t really gone out to eat anything remarkable and/or new lately. Too much going on at the moment.. getting my health and fitness back into gear…
I came across the Dr Joshi 21 days Detox program in either the Elle or Cosmopolitan magazine, and decided that it was time to detox my body after the excessive indulgence during the Christmas and New Year Break. I thought I had better detox before the onslaught of the Chinese New Year festivities. I was 10 days into the program until last Friday when I gave up and had a sip of red wine, followed by a bottle of Domaine Chandon shared with friends by the pool on Sunday. The alcohol just went straight to my head and I suffered during Sunday dinner at The Tea House. I give up!

Saturday night we had a wonderful home made meal at M’s parents place, where we had Peking Duck, Steamed Ginger Lobster on Egg Noodles, and Abalone with Chinese broccoli. However, I didn’t eat much of it because I wasn’t that hungry. I’ve been taking this Chinese Herb capsules called “Zhen De Shou” to help me lose 5kg – 8kg… The capsules makes your mouth very dry, your mind very active even at night in the first week, lessen your hunger and sometimes you can feel your heart beat faster. So I don’t take it when I’m planning to do hardcore aerobics, like Body Combat.

My colleague recommended it to me as it was working for her and her friend. I’ve lost 2kg so far after 10 days. I don’t know if it is purely due to that or because of the detox that I started, or because of the aerobic exercise that I have started at leas twice a week. Probably a combination of all the above.

So I’ve been very careful with my eating habits lately…. Watching what I eat.. I’ve cut down on the red meats, wheat, gluten and dairy intake. It’s not too bad I’m not craving anything, except for koko black.
Weather in Melbourne has been extremely hot as well.. which makes me so tired that I don’t want to eat or move. The aerobics has also made me really tired at night and grumpy as well. Don’t be alarmed though, I am eating! Yesterday, with my cousin down from Adelaide and Dad down from Hong Kong, we had another Chinese New Year family “celebration” at eZard. I forgot that Teage eZard was in Hong Kong, otherwise I would have suggested something else. I was disappointed with my wagyu… but everyone else seemed to like their meals.

Before the meal, we wanted to order a white wine to go with our dishes, when I came across a list of Chablis wines on the wine list. Now this is not the first time that I have come across this type of wine. Strangely enough, it was through a Youtube video of Gackt (a Japanese Singer) on a Japanese TV show that I first came across it. Apparently, it is a variety of Chardonnay produced in the town of Chablis in France. Tempted to try it but at more than $50, and being not familiar with the texture and taste of this wine, I decided to have a bottle of a French Chenin Blanc instead. It was a nice light drop.

This Friday, we’re going to Westlake Chinese Restaurant in the city to have its $539 10 course Chinese New Year Banquet with a bunch of friends. We went for a simple dinner last Tuesday and thought the food was not so good… although yum-cha is always good there. Well hope dinner will be good!

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