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Monday, 6 November 2006

The Best Korean BBQ in Town

Great choice Yuki! That was a fantastic dinner that we had last night and it didn't break the bank - far from it.

We ordered the Korean spring onion and seafood pancake and two dishes for BBQing - Beef tenderloin marinated in sweet soya sauce (highly recommended) and chicken breast marinated in mild chilli sauce. Ox-tongue was not available that day. If the rest is anything to go by, will definitely order the ox-tongue next time.

There is no electric grill in the centre of the table, instead you get a hot pot of brightly burning hot coal. They then proceed to put a grillon top of it and then lowering the long-neck exhaust pipe, hanging above each table, close to the grill. Amazingly, we didn't come away from the whole experience smelling like BBQ. The grill grid was a little bit big though, because I kept thinking that my sliced beef was going to end up in the coal. We had Cass beer to go with the meat... can't have soft drink, got to have beer with Korean BBQ.

We sat next to the window looking out to skyscrapers, reminiscent of an Asian cosmopolitan scene. We are so grateful for what Melbourne isnow... so diverse.The whole place is huge, yet comfortable and homey with lots of wooden benches and tatami areas. Staff were friendly, though a little bitslow...probably due to it being a new restaurant. We were surrounded by Koreans young and old - so this must be the new place to be for Korean BBQ! All they need now is a few rooms forkaraoke!

Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ

Ground Floor 562 Little Bourke Street

(Near the corner of King Street)


03 9642 5696

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