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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Horoki Casual Dining and Bar

My partner and I have fell in love with Horoki....

By recommendations from the Epicure liftout of The Age as well as confirmation from a Japanese friend that the food is meant to be excellent, we decided to try Horoki last night. As predicted, the food was amazing, surprising and palette - entertaining.

We had 8 dishes ranging from spinach and bacon salad to rice noodle with spicy cod roe and seaweed (my favourite Japanese dish!) and spicy tuna makis with sesame. As the restaurant is fully licensed, you get a wide selection of Western and Japanese cocktails and wines. I had the sparkling apple chu hai, while my friends had Asahis and lemon lime bitters. Each dish came quickly while each was devoured comfortably behind. Every dish we tasted was different from the last in so many levels. Yet there are still so many others I want to try! The lovely meal was topped with complimentary taster of Green Tea Pannacotta drizzled with a little sweet red bean sauce. When M & I heard that we were getting that for our dessert, we shouted "Wooo! Pannacotta! Pannacotta!" - that word warms my heart.

Ken Higuchi, owner and chef, was visibly concentrating on his cooking behind the counter in his open kitchen... and the smells coming from the kitchen was scrumscious! Thanks for feeding us Ken!

19 Liverpool Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 9663 2227

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