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Friday, 28 July 2006

Grand Taipei Restaurant

Yesterday night ,while my sister was in Box Hill, she offered to buy takeaway dinner for me from the Grand Taipei Restaurant. Of course I leaped at the chance and readily answered "I'll have the pork chop rice please!". Even in a plastic takeaway container, the meal was satisfying and delicious.

Grand Taipei has been there since we were in University (10 years ago) and when Box Hill was really taking off as an Asian suburb. There has been other Taiwanese restaurants that have sprouted around Melbourne, but in my mind, this is still the best one. They are also continuously added fresh Taiwanese hawker style dishes to their menus. And it is always a pleasure to go there. Mind you, the place is a little bit "worn" after so many years and little change to the pink fixtures and furnishing, so it's not for everyone. But the food and their soya bean milk is still fantastic.

They open late as well. I remember getting a meal at 10pm , no other people there thought, but they still gave me friendly service.

Grand Taipei Restaurant
Station Street
Box Hill
03 9898 8860

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David Huang said...

Yes, I personally think they've got the best fried pork chop meal in melbourne.

It is also worth noting they were one of few that started the asian styled bakery/breads which saw the subsquent rise of Bread-Top chain store across Melbourne.