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Sunday, 18 September 2005

Happy Chinese Moon Festival!

Monday is a popular Chinese holiday - Chinese Moon Festival where the largest and fullest moon of the year can be seen from all around the world. The tradition is to go out with lanterns in order enjoy the moonlight and admire the moon. Before you step out, have a lovely cup of tea and a moon cake, which is a pastry that is baked with white lotus paste and more often than not egg yolk. Very rich I know...

It is a tradition to give moon cake although nowadays a lot of people are sick of moon cakes, so many companies have tried to make them more enticing by changing the filling, e.g. with various type of nuts, changing the packaging, adding other items like tea as part of the package.

This year, our favourite moon cakes are from Kee Wah, Hong Kong... who have created such lovely packaging that you just can't resist buying them! They have chinese poetry on them and the packaging can be described as Chinese Minimalism - Ultra modern yet ultra Chinese.

Seriously though I only had a little bit of moon cake this year..... but the tea that came with the moon cake is delicious - tieguanyin tea. Kee Wah has put out a lot of traditional Chinese pastries in wonderful packaging as well, like taiwanese style pineapple cakes, mango cakes and pineapple and walnut cakes. Yumm!

Definitely a must if you want to get some souvenirs from HK!

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